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Our lovely particolour lhasa boy Chic Choix Daffyd Thomas "Hugo" got another CACIB together with BOB at Pärnu INT show, judged by Vija Klucniece (LV), who also shortlisted Hugo in 9th group!

Free Choice Chudesnaya Mechta "Maria" got CACIB and was BOS judged by Anne Klaas (EST)

Also Free Choice Darya Velkaya "Darya" was BOB Puppy and shortlisted in puppy BIS!

Congratulations Ly and Viivika & Vivian!






13.07.2013 Viimsi national show, breed judge I. Zizevskis (LT)

Lowebo's Zapphira Of Sigma "Katie" BOB Puppy

Chic Choix Daffyd Thomas "Hugo" BOB, Group-2


14.07.2013 Viimsi national show, breed judge Gunnar Nyman (DK)

Lowebo's Zapphira Of Sigma "Katie" BOB Puppy, BIS-4 Puppy

Chic Choix Daffyd Thomas "Hugo" BOB, shortlsted in group




Rest In Peace my beautiful "forever so happy" so very special girl ..
Noone will ever forget you who have met you even for once ..

February 2010 – May 2013

Free Choice Charodeika Vesna "Chara"











 I've known you since you
Were just a scrappy little pup.
Fighting to survive,
And you never gave up.

I watched you grow into a
beautiful friend.
Back in those days,
I could not imagine this end.

But now it is all over,
And you're truly gone.
Somehow I'll find a way
To try to carry on.

Perhaps one day I'll find
A new puppy who,
Will becomes your dear friend,
But she'll never replace you.

I'll keep your little photo
hung up on my wall,
And I'll always remember you
As the very best dog of all.